Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wire a light fitting?

i have 2 switches to turn my light on/off i want to change my light fitting on the ceiling i have 2 black 2 red 2 green/yellow and in my light i have 1 green/yellow 2 blue 3 brown the light wires are connected by a white box how do i connect it together please helpWire a light fitting?as ever Google is your mateyWire a light fitting?Only disconnect the two wires and earth if appropriate to the existing fitting. Connect the new in the same way. Don't worry about (or disturb) the other wires.Wire a light fitting?Don't play till you're confident in what you're doing. Find out if any of your friends could help out or get hold of a good home maint. book.Wire a light fitting?it's not something you should mess about with,if you don't have any experience of wiring it's very easy to mess up and can be dangerous, can you give more information or be more specific,it's irrelevant that you've got 2 light switches,unless you start changing the wrong cables,before you start removing your light fitting make sure you turn the power off to your lighting circuit,normally fed from a 6 amp fuse,you'll have live wires and a %26quot;switched live%26quot; so it's important that you make sure you do turn off at the fuse board and not think the switch on the wall isolates the power,as i said,give us more detailed info

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