Monday, September 19, 2011

How can i make a difference to the environment?

I just watched the documentary 11th hour and feel all enlightened and want to make a difference to the environment.

I've changed all my light bulbs to energy saving and switched the heating off and put on a jumper, What else can i do?

considering it's raining outside and im low on cashHow can i make a difference to the environment?To make a difference to the environment stay out of if.

When will tree hugging hippy wannabe's learn to distinguish the difference between %26quot;helping the environment%26quot; and trying to save yourself and your present lifestyle?

Low on cash is good, stops you shopping for more cr**. The best advice is just stay out of the environment, stay at home, use condoms and learn to knit. Other than that the most environmentally friendly thing you can do is die.

I am being serious.How can i make a difference to the environment?Your Best Answer Is A Dick Head And Seriously He Shud Go Die

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How can i make a difference to the environment?Gee energy saving light bulbs, do you mean the mini fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury? The ones that are hazardous to make, transport, store and that by most regulations need a haz-mat squad to clean up if broken.

To really help turn down the thermostat in the winter, up in the summer, turn off lights when your not in the room, walk more, plant a tree. Don't get caught up in the end of the world crap.

Really the energy saving light bulbs are a health hazard if they get broken.How can i make a difference to the environment?Whenever you leave the house for an extended period, lower the thermostat to 50F. This will lower your energy bill considerably (and it's not so cold that your pipes will freeze and burst).

If you live in cold country, don't start your car and let it idle while you get ready to go out. That only adds to the carbon footprint. It shouldn't take too long for the heater in your car to get sufficiently warm once you get in and start moving.

When you run into a store to get something and you leave your car idling, even if it's for only 5 minutes, multiply that by the number of people who are doing the same thing, and it all adds up to unnecessary carbon emissions. Turn the engine off and restart the car once you've left the store.

Reward people for recycling tires. There are too many of them on the sides of the road and in our waterways. Terrible for the environment. When you get new tires, you pay up front for the disposal fee. The garage gives you the old tires and you must get rid of them. Recycle centers usually charge you a fee for disposal. Haven't you already paid that fee? So, create a merit program that rewards you for recycling your old tires.

Use mulching units for your lawn mowers and lawn tractors. Mulching helps the environment by re-invigorating the health of your lawn and eliminates the energy that is spent to get the leaves and grass clippings to a landfill. It also reduces the need for our burgeoning land fill space.

Buy energy toilets with low GPF (gallons per flush) rate. Saves a lot of water annually.How can i make a difference to the environment?Turn things off. Not on standby

Only charge your phone until it says fully charged, don't leave it on all night.

Energy saving light bulbs, like you mentioned.

Make sure no taps are dripping.

Only use lights in rooms you are in.

Turn the central heating down and put on a jumper, like you have done.

Solar panels on the roof.

Close windows if the heating is on.

Get loft insulation. I think its free with British gas, not sure on that though.

That's all i can think at the moment.How can i make a difference to the environment?Well just take small steps. You can become green by doing small simple things. Like first light bulbs.(which u did, good start) Check your tire pressure. You can save a ton of money by making sure your tire pressure is right. You get better gas mileage. Start recycling, you can add up a lot of money by recycling. At least in some states. You get money back. And a big one which you did, was turn down the heat. Lastly you can Unplug electronics when not in use. Even though they may be off, its still using energy. Unplug computers/chargers. ETC. Whatever you don't use enough to really keep plugged in. This can help you lower you electric bill by a couple of dollars each month. =) that always helps. Another one is to stop buying bottled water, it takes about 25 liter of water to make a one liter plastic bottle. Get a stainless steel mug. Only if you can do that though. Good luck.

Going green isn't cheep. Governments need to make things more money friendly.How can i make a difference to the environment?get a job in an industry that helps the environment. I can show you what I do.. or look up %26quot;green%26quot; jobs on a search engine and tons of possibilities come up... also, recycle..every little thing helps! kudos for actually caring! you can also search up %26quot;how to go green%26quot; or subscribe to E mag, GREAT magazine about the environment, how you can help %26amp; whats going on. :)How can i make a difference to the environment?write a letter to world leaders who fly around to their important meetings on world climate change in massive, pollution creating planes!...tell them to stop building extensions to airports to allow more mass pollution and tell them to stop using non-renewable energy sources.

Trust me sweetie, its not you, its them!How can i make a difference to the environment?1 unplug chargers when not in use...

2 don't use too much plastics and paper wastes (Reduce Reuse Recycle. stop newspaper %26amp; mag subscription (go online for news and reading materials)

3 eat more raw food, and BBQing is a definite No No

4 don't wash your clothings unless really really dirtyHow can i make a difference to the environment?Recycle your trash. Plant your own garden, The more you grow, the less you have to buy. Make sure your doors and windows do not leak air. Drive less and walk more. Every little bit helps.How can i make a difference to the environment?It's best to take control of the pollution in your home now from toxic chemicals in your household products like I did. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!How can i make a difference to the environment?walk

ride a bicycle

car pool

recycle you cans and glasses

brush your teeth in the shower

call your congressman .and tell him your concern

you get enough people doing this things will changeHow can i make a difference to the environment?read a book .

Take up sewing


Crossword puzzles

Unplug your appliances when not in use . toaster ,blender can openers,and coffee potHow can i make a difference to the environment?Beat hell out of Litterbugs, then report them, and demand jail time!How can i make a difference to the environment?turn of your computerHow can i make a difference to the environment?YES I AGREE.How can i make a difference to the environment?turn things off when your not using them

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