Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to check dimmer switch in car...?

How can I check to see if the dimmer switch is good? Recently installed new radio from factory in a 97 Corolla. Since then, the dimmer lights (dashboard back light and such) arent working. There is voltage but no lights where there should be lights.

Checking the voltage on the wire, shouldnt it change when I adjust the dimmer knob? It doesnt. I would think it would. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Yes, I checked the fuses.How to check dimmer switch in car...?You have shorted the dash light wire.

Unhook the radio and find the dash light wire.

Hook it up to the radio light only.How to check dimmer switch in car...?NOT if there isn't a good ground !How to check dimmer switch in car...?The Right Answer %26gt;

The best way is to go ahead and buy a new one. DO NOT remove the old one, just unplug the wires from behind it if you can.. Temporary plug in, the wires to the new dimmer switch and try and see if it works. If it does the replace it.

If the problems still persists, you may have other issue. Be sure to return the new part back to the manufacture.

Good luck

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