Thursday, September 22, 2011

Switch from windows live mail back to hotmail?

hi , i accidentally got windows live hotmail when i tried to change my password , it asked me to re log in due to security reasons.

so i did and found out all of a sudden my hotmail changed to live mail.

its terrible and gets on my nerves alot.

the site gets stuck , takes ages to load and most functions wont even load.

so my question is , how can i switch back to the old hotmail?

the light version and full version are both extremely bad.

i read at many places u have to go to options , and then go to more options and u will see:

click here to use the classic version or click here to switch back to hotmail , however i only see the click here for the classic version.

there is no link back to hotmail.

i tried switching language , loggin in and out numerous of times but nothing.

please if anyone can help me i would really apreciate it because i am litteraly going nuts.

thanksSwitch from windows live mail back to hotmail?Yeah... I think Samantha is right. At one point you could opt out, but it appears that all accounts will be migrated to Windows Live at some point. I read this on

%26quot;If your account has been upgraded to Windows Live Hotmail as part of the migration, you may not be able to revert to Hotmail, but you can use the classic interface of Windows Live Hotmail. The ability to revert existed during the beta when someone switched to the beta and allowed you to go back. All accounts will eventually be switched to WL Hotmail.%26quot;


Stephen Boots

MVP Windows Live

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Sorry! I'm not happy either, I liked the old version better as well.Switch from windows live mail back to hotmail?I hate Windows Live Mail, I may even stop using it all together if they don't let me use the classic hotmail.Switch from windows live mail back to hotmail?Windows live mail is the new hotmail, the classic version is as old school as it gets...sorry;)Switch from windows live mail back to hotmail?You can't switch back to MSN Hotmail anymore.... This option has been removed. I have the same problem but we have to live with it....

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