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How to update and switch up my style?

i wear skinny jeans alot

dark, light, ripped, cuffed up, grey and acid wash

i love plaid and flannel i wear them with leggings or jeans

also deep v necks and a black motorcycle jacket

my shoes are usually flats, sandals, or short boots, or brown moccasin

i like to tease my wavy hair to make it look full or wear it scrunched and natural

any tips on how to change it up a bit? thanks :)How to update and switch up my style?Accessories, accessories. They are your best friend when you want to spice up your style!

Belts, bangles, bracelets, headbands, clips, earrings, necklaces, charms, the list can go on.

Find pieces that define your style and finetune your look :]How to update and switch up my style?by the sounds of it youre pretty scene and if you want to change it up a bit i suggest some fitted tees cause those'll always go with your skinnies. a good pair of boyfriend fit jeans are always good too, and they'll go with your flannel and a brown braided belt. a cute dress from urban outfitters would be really nice too, it would go with your short boots as well.

hope it helps

xxHow to update and switch up my style?what do you want to change it too? i think your style is greatt (: the only thing i would lose is the black motorcycle jacket. Lol, maybe take a more %26quot;preppy%26quot; direction? A lot of %26quot;preppy%26quot; girls at my school wear skinny jeans , v-necks, flats, scandals (including flipflops), short fringy boots %26amp; moccasins. But they straighten their hair--everyday. :/ I'm glad that you keep your hair wavy ^^; it sounds really nice. Maybe wear leggings with shorts (if you like that style) or flare jeans instead of all skinny jeans? Or you could change what you wear your skinny jeans with. I don't know what you wear them, but you could go into a more %26quot;preppyish%26quot; direction by wearing them with flats or flipflops :] You could also straighten your hair, but please don`t straighten your hair everyday. That's not good for your hair.

How can the Environmentalists complain?

Hey I'm all for green technology but what the %26amp;$@@. L.E.D. lighting is a wonderful alternative to regular incandescent lighting. I would love to change out every light I have. However I shouldn't have to give up my Personal preference in light fixtures. I have been searching for a physical outlet for sockets which will fit my fixtures. With very little success. The only way is to give my credit card number over the net, which I will not do under any circumstances. So, I guess the end result is the Environmentalists don't want us to switch to green technology badly enough to allow retail outlets to carry large selections of sockets, and bulbs.

With this in mind I wonder what the greenies are complaining about. Make your technology available or quit complaining about the energy we are using!How can the Environmentalists complain?It's not the environmentalists that are not making them available, the stores have to order them from the manufacture in order to have them in stock. Blame the right source.How can the Environmentalists complain?Green products is collapsing..and in billions of $.How can the Environmentalists complain?There are plenty online. And take it from me, i own an online e-commerce site, transactions online are 10 times safer than using card at retail outlets. And yes there is plenty of data to back that up, but I dont feel like looking up the links right now. For instance in any online transaction, I NEVER see the the full credit card number, or the 3 digit code on the back, because my credit card processor protects your info from me, the store owner. On the flip side, in a retail store not only myself, but any wing ding employee could have possible access to the credit card number.

Anyway, just buy what you need online and quit complaining. Its funny that you say that the %26quot;environmentalists%26quot; complain too much, when your entire post is one big complaint, because you are stuck int he stone age and refuse to do business online.How can the Environmentalists complain?That is so frustrating!

I think it will just take some time for the suppliers to realise there is a market out there for people wanting to install LED lighting with their existing fixtures.

Keep asking your local supplier %26quot;when are you getting them in?%26quot;

Good luck!
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  • What effect will lighter grips have on my swing?

    I'm having difficulties in feeling where the club head is during my swing. So far the only solution has been to slow down my swing incredibly and I am losing a lot of distance from it (about 30 yards). Currently my grips weigh 55 grams and I was thinking of switching to the new Winn light grips which weigh 25 grams. I have never hit with such a light grip and don't know how much of an effect that the swing weight change will have on distance and accuracy.What effect will lighter grips have on my swing? is the REAL DEAL! Light grips, increase swingweight by up to 6 swingweights. does give you a better feel of where the clubhead is. For a golfer that grew up in the 70's, these work quite nicely, as, the old clubs were %26quot;headheavy%26quot;. I use 39 gram grips...Golf Pride Durometer Lite's, blue cap. You can find them on EBAY. It's a much better alternative than the Winn, as, the Winn, is a bit too light. Winn, also, have a 42 gram grip. By using a lighter reduce the weight of the whole club by 14 to 28 grams...bearly noticeable.

    This is a great idea, you have, as without scarring the clubhead...or moving the sweet spot closer to the hosel, by stuffing lead down the'll never be able to get the same effect!

    You should be getting 10 points, for such a good question!What effect will lighter grips have on my swing?It will make almost no effect. I would suggest against it as the Winn Lights would just be less durable, and would not have much of an effect on swing speed and feel. As far as getting more feeling that will only come from hitting balls and develop a sense of feel for yourself.

    The distance and accuracy are pure skill and have nothing to do with your grips.

    If you want new grips go with Tour velvets or lamkin crosslines or something along those lines. Notice that no tour players use all the 'cool' and trendy grips. There is relatively little technology in a golf grip, keep it that way.What effect will lighter grips have on my swing?yeah i agree with the other yahoo awnserer,

    the grip wont change much, if anything it will act like adding extra grips to a cricket bat will work, i know this because i represented county at cricket for the main XI, anyway, i got told if you were to put a heavier grip on a golf club, the head will just feel heavier, i dont know if you feel like that will help? I would presume u would finding getting under the ball easier though.

    No harm in trying though is there? :)What effect will lighter grips have on my swing?It won't make that much of a difference. I suggest working on keeping your head steady throughout your swing because if you move your head you will have a harder time watching the club head thus producing more off center hits. 30g is a really small amount when talking about the overall weight of your club so there won't be much improvement. My only advice is to spend a good deal of time on the driving range.What effect will lighter grips have on my swing?If you are slowing down your swing to help feel the club head more, yes buy lighter grips. The lighter grips allow you to feel the club head more during the swing and they also promote a faster swing speed. If those are your two problems, get lighter grips!What effect will lighter grips have on my swing?Are you always keeping your head steady? If not it makes it incredibly difficult to track the club head through your swing. If you want light grips thats cool but I doubt that it will change your ability to track the club head.

    How to enable wireless connections on Windows 7?

    I have been using wireless connections on my Windows 7 computer with no issues for several months. However, I have recently changed to a wired connection. After switching it seems my wireless has become disabled. No networks are shown as available and the blue light that has always indicated my wireless is working, has gone dark. It should be a reasonably easy fix. I fixed it last week through luck, but I cannot remember how.

    Thanks in advance.How to enable wireless connections on Windows 7?Make sure that wireless network card properties is enabled;

    First of all go to start %26gt;%26gt; control panel %26gt;%26gt; network and internet (or network and sharing) %26gt;%26gt; network options%26gt;%26gt; manage network connections

    then select your wireless NIC and right click on it, then make sure it is enabled.

    Make sure that your wireless NIC switch did not get turned off also.

    for more information visit http://pcguideforyou.comHow to enable wireless connections on Windows 7?just go control panel then go create connection the fill up the boxHow to enable wireless connections on Windows 7?The instructions given previously are actually for Windows Vista. That's why the trail stops at Manage Network Connections. In the Network and Sharing Center, look for Change Adapter Settings on the left. You will then see the Wireless Network Connection. If it is gray, it is disabled. It will also say disabled. Right click and select Enable to turn it back on.

    (Urgent) How long does it take for my eyes to be burned and damaged by strong sunlight?

    Not long ago my eyes were exposed to super strong sunlight (no clouds that day) for about 2 seconds and I worry a lot that my eyes can have been permanently damaged since that day (imagine staring at the sun in Arizona). Which factor contributes more to eye damage, light intensity or duration of exposure to light?

    By the way I switched on the bathroom light yesterday night when my mother was standing 4-5 inches away from the bathroom light bulb replacing it (and of course she was staring straight at it). The sudden change from pitch darkness to super brightness made her grimace. Will her vision go bad? I think my mother's condition is worse than mine because her eyes were just inches away from the light source while the sun is so far away.

    Last question, what age(s) suffer(s) most from retinal burn? I am 16 (puberty) and my mother is 50 (start of body degeneration).

    Thanks.(Urgent) How long does it take for my eyes to be burned and damaged by strong sunlight?2 seconds of staring at the sun will likely not do any damage to the eye unless you were standing on Venus. Intensity (brightness) and duration go hand in hand. You can look at a low intensity light for a longer period before any damage or a high level intensity for a short time. But UV output and wave length are also factors which is why you can stare at a %26quot;black light%26quot; for a very long time and never notice any effects but not an arc welder.(Urgent) How long does it take for my eyes to be burned and damaged by strong sunlight?I have always worn dark glasses. I have never been able to handle bright lights or sun. My mom said I was exposed to a bright light when I was a baby and at the time they did not realize that it damaged the cornea in my eyes.

    Never look at the Sun directly, [you are looking for trouble], as for your mother she should not have been looking at the bulb when you turned on the light to replace it. You should have used a flash light, it is softer and is not directly in a persons eyes.

    If I where you I would go see an eye doctor and have yours and your moms eyes check to make sure there is not and serious damage.

    I live in Arizona and have for 11 years now, I never go out side with a pair of shades on....I even swim with them on.

    Good luck.

    Trailer wiring question, how to separate brake from signal lights on a trailer?

    I am building a new trailer, and I ran into a snag in the electrical system, I installed four sets of lights: three amber sets for turn signals(one set on rear of trailer,and a set on either side of the fenders), and a red set for brake lights, but when I went to wire them up, I realized the tow vehicle has the signals and brake on the same circuit on the same lights, so of course when I hooked them up i got signals on both and brakes on both.

    here is a little bit of information on my system:

    Vehicle is a 2001 Chrysler Neon 2.0l

    the rear of the vehicle has the two red brake/signal lights and two clear reverse lights

    the trailer is a 5x9 tilting utility trailer

    the rear of the trailer has 2 red brake lights (one on each side), 2 amber turn signals (one on each side), a red marker bar in the middle, and some amber turn signals on the front and rear of each fender

    with multiple side marker lights along each side of the frame and reach. with strips of reflective tape in between.

    The connection is a 7pin round plug and receptacle, with a separate 4 pin round for auxiliary circuits for tilt control (two wires), deck lights switch and spare. Winch control is on reach.

    I know if the tow vehicle has separate brake and signal lights, you can get a converter to change it to operate on the same light, but how can I do the opposite and separate them?

    I am not looking for questions like why I need all of this, the trailer is for work and it is specified that I must have separate brake and signal lights, so no I cant just change them to all be brake and signal.

    If more information is needed let me know and I shall try my best to post it as well.

    Thank you for the time you took to read and ponder my question, I eagerly await an answer to my problem.Trailer wiring question, how to separate brake from signal lights on a trailer?If you are absolutely sure that you must have separate brake and turn signals then I can tell you how to do that. The catch is that every trailer I have owned does not have that - the rear red lights have two filiments: one for running light and the other one is for shared brake and turn signals.

    If you still feel like you have to have separate brake lights you will have to run a wire the length of your vehicle and add a relay to the front of the car at the car's brake pedal switch. At the switch you will install a 20amp relay that connects to 12volts+ when the pedal is depressed. Don't hook the wire directly to the switch but use the relay to handle the power switching to the brake light circuit on the trailer. The relay will make a slight click each time you hit the brakes so if that will be annoying to you mount the relay under the hood. Use a 12volt+ source that is on even when the key is in the off position. Like your car brake lights, you need the trailer brake lights to work even if the car ignition is off. Add a 10-15 amp fuse at this location. That 12volts+ should be connected to an open connector on the trailer plug. Remember that the trailer plug will then only work with this trailer because you have done something that is totally non-standard.Trailer wiring question, how to separate brake from signal lights on a trailer?Contact your Chrysler dealer. It's as simple as snipping a wire to separate these circuits on the tow vehicle.Trailer wiring question, how to separate brake from signal lights on a trailer?It won't work without going back to the source of the brake and turn signals adding isolation relays and basically redesigning the wiring of the vehicle. The car isn't worth what it would cost to do this.Trailer wiring question, how to separate brake from signal lights on a trailer?I don't fully understand your question about the trailer lights, brake and indicators being on the same circuit.They must be wired separately,they cant be on the same circuit.Your problem as you describe it could be an earth fault and you may need to fit a relay to overcome the problem.

    Does changing formula change poop colour?

    My daughter was on Cow %26amp; Gate Stage 1 formula, and has been since birth. Her poop was always bright golden yellow coloured. We switched her over to Cow %26amp; Gate Infasoy (Soya milk formula) yesterday at 4pm because we found out she was lactose intolerent. When she went #2 this morning her poop was mostly yellow but the last bit was sort of a light snotty green. (She did a poop with her nappy off, thats how I know lol)

    Would switching to Soy have changed her poop from yellow to green?


    (She's 6 weeks on Wednesday)Does changing formula change poop colour?yes it could.switching anything the child eats or drinks can have an effectDoes changing formula change poop colour?My doctor told me that if it is kind of green rather than yellow then it means that it is passing through the system faster... and that it is OK. Time to worry is if it gets dark... like brown or black cause that could mean it is taking too long to pass through the system and possible constipation... or other serious problems.
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