Thursday, September 22, 2011

How many sirens does it take to change a lightglobe...?

I live in a 60yr old building and, while changing the living room lightglobe, the spent globe has come out of the socket without the metal part attatched. So in other words, the glass part of the globe came out while the metal bayonet cap at the top of the globe stayed attatched to the light fitting.

The wiring in my building is a little bit all over the place and some of the switches work backwards - ie: on is off and off is on lol Can't recall if this one is backward or not and so can't be sure that the switch is in the off position. How the hell do I get the old bayonet cap out of the fixture without switching off the power at the mains (because the guy in our building is such a schmuk I'd like to avoid asking him) and without frying myself to pallookaville?How many sirens does it take to change a lightglobe...?One thing you can try is to go the the hardware store or Home Depot or similar store and ask for a volt stick. It looks like a large pen with a plastic tip and it will either glow or beep if voltage is present when you hold it up to the light socket. you can probably get one for less than ten dollars. Once you know the power is off to the light, try using needlenose pliers to grab the thin sides of the metal bulb base and unscrew it. Just try to be gentle, you shoud be able to get it with a little finagaling (is that even a word?). Good luck!How many sirens does it take to change a lightglobe...?Get an electrician or your (not-well-liked) boyfriend (soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend) to do it.How many sirens does it take to change a lightglobe...?Turn off the light so you don't electrocute yourself, turn on another light nearby so that you can see. Use pliers to grab the metal part, unscrew in the direction you would unscrew the light bulb.

If you don't know if the light is on or off see if you can hear a buzzing coming from the fixture, if not, you may have to ask the schmuk to turn off the electricity

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