Monday, September 19, 2011

My wife kidnapped my children again. help?

about 5 years ago my wife (later citing stress from the death of her mother) concocted a story about spousal abuse so that she could have me put in jail (yep your going if accused even if innocent until you post bail) got an emergency restraining order against me not to come within 500 ft of her OR my 2 kids!! the kids part hurt and that is why she did it.

while i was in jail she took my kids to another state to live with her widowed father (i think that was part of the motive/plan?)

She then found out that that since our children grew up in texas she would have to bring them back here. in the meantime she cut communication mostly but called occasionally to say she just needed time to think... well i guess the rule is the first to file for divorce gets some kind of advantage so the next thing you know i get served divorce papers that accuse me of all kinds of crazy things. which she later admitted were made up and she went before the judge in my spousal abuse case and had it dropped.

we were apart less than a year and then like a light switch she changed back to the woman i had married, she even returned some of the money she had stolen from me. she said she was sorry and expained she was under a lot of stress because of the death of her mother. i love her and family is most important to me so we reconciled.

we have now been married 21 years with only the 7 months split 5 years ago..... OK HERE IS THE PROBLEM.

as a result of the much talked about economy meltdown i lost my job.

she works locally to help ends meet till i get another job...

yesterday i am paging her and asking how she is doing as she mentioned feeling a little sick .. she pages back ok and how was i doing. i say i just worry about my wife and hope she feels better.... later in the day i page her and tell her i am going to tivo some of her favorite shows for her so when she gets home she can just relax and watch some comedy shows....... she says ok..... thats basically all the txt between us ...then..... she doesnt come home at the regular time.. i page and i call no answer... i think maybe i forgot an appointment she told me about so i go to pick up my teenage son... he doesnt come out and i wait and page him and my wife... no answer from both.... i become worried and keep texing asking if she is ok...

no answer... i page over and over and check hospitals for wrecks but since my son is now missing too i suspect something might be up ...

at about 8pm i finally get a page from her that says %26quot;we just dont feel safe there anymore, ill be in touch with you at a later time%26quot; boom! here we go again. dont feel safe?? WE?? i dont even spank my kids let alone abuse them. I have done nothing to her either . sure we have occasional spats just like everyone else but i dont touch her.

I am broken hearted. not for my wife but i have a 5 year old boy that needs his father and i need him my other son is a teen and i love him too but i think my youngest will experience what i did growing up without a father.

I suspect my son is at his pre-k as usual but am afraid to go up there as i know my wife will have conjoured up a story to make me look like a monster again and i dont want to have over zealous cops converging on me again making me look like the bad guy.

I am tired of being framed up because the legal system encourages women to prosecute during divorce. last time i found out my wife got like $6,000 dollars from some kind of victim assistance from her bs charges against me and of course she didnt return it after she admitted the lie and the judge dropped the case.

i know this seems like a long story but my wife is using our kids like pawns again and i am sure my little boy is crying for me.

i just dont know what to do and do not have very much money to get a lawyer . it really is not fair and i am so down hearted.

can i go get my son? can i see my son? what do i do? how can i get an order to see my son if there is no divorce proceedings?My wife kidnapped my children again. help?If there isn't a restraining order then you can go see your son at his preschool. My mom works at the police department and from what she said you can go down to your local pd and ask them your options. You might even be able to ask if they can go with you so you can check on your son.My wife kidnapped my children again. help?yahoo answers is not for long paragraphs, shorten it upMy wife kidnapped my children again. help?that was way to long. the only thing i got out of it was you married a psycho.My wife kidnapped my children again. help?First, I would call the police. She took your son and you don't know where they are. You have no police reports against you, no domestic violence calls, so I wouldn't worry about what she will accuse you of. I think the court system is different today. You can't be accused of abuse, especially when you have a teenage son that will tell friend of the court that he is not abused by you. Then she will get into trouble. Call the police now, then call a lawyer. Money or no money, call a lawyer and see what he or she can do. Don't be paralised by the past, call police first, lawyer second. Don't wait or it looks like you didn't care about your children.My wife kidnapped my children again. help?well you need to see a solicitor and try and get legal aid if its available you have the right to se your son you must take action now, if you get a court order that gives you the access to your son on a weekly basis. and once these are in place she cannot just take your sons away wen she want other wise she will be charge for it. so if you can go see a soliciter today and tell her how she accuses you of abuse. it so unfair on you i hope all goes well good luck hun xMy wife kidnapped my children again. help?Got legal issues, take them into the court room where they belongMy wife kidnapped my children again. help?Call the police and tell them. They should charge her for kidnapping! That is not just her little boy and you have every right to see him. Good Luck and I hope everything works out.

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