Monday, October 24, 2011

I need to change my mp3 songs to mono?

I have a Gemmy lightshow outside for christmas entertaining. the lights dont work right with stereo songs on my mp3. How do I switch them to mono? Is it a setting on my computer? I'm using windows vista and use windows media player for the library

I need to change my mp3 songs to mono?You would have to download iTunes

then go to Edit, then Preferences %26amp; in the pop up select Import Settings. Then select Import Using: MP3 %26amp; Under Setting select Custom %26amp; in the pop up there select Mono.

Then add the songs to iTunes %26amp; then select all that you want to be converted into mono %26amp; then right click %26amp; select make MP3 version.

iTunes would then convert them into mono MP3s

(by the way, entire process is free)I need to change my mp3 songs to mono?Well, Windows media will not convert them to mono, and probably your MP3 player wont either. You are going to have to get a converter application. I use tunebite and it seems to do pretty well.I need to change my mp3 songs to mono?ascd

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