Monday, October 24, 2011

How do i get my car radio to work again?

I have a 98 rav 4. After some change fell into the cigarrette lighter, some sparks flew, and the radio stopped working. Along with the mirrors and clock. Is there some fuse I can switch out to get it working again? Please help!How do i get my car radio to work again?change the fuse,if that doesnt work then you may have to change the main earth and power cables.Check with a local mechanic if this doesnot work

2nd chance,buy a new 1,they are so cheap these days..How do i get my car radio to work again?you answered your own question. check the fuses. or you proly need electrical work. check all your front light and back lights to see if any went bad. dont forget the signal lights. if theres a problem then electricalHow do i get my car radio to work again?It's better to change the set or go to a mechanic! Nothing can help you out!

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