Monday, October 24, 2011

How can the Environmentalists complain?

Hey I'm all for green technology but what the %26amp;$@@. L.E.D. lighting is a wonderful alternative to regular incandescent lighting. I would love to change out every light I have. However I shouldn't have to give up my Personal preference in light fixtures. I have been searching for a physical outlet for sockets which will fit my fixtures. With very little success. The only way is to give my credit card number over the net, which I will not do under any circumstances. So, I guess the end result is the Environmentalists don't want us to switch to green technology badly enough to allow retail outlets to carry large selections of sockets, and bulbs.

With this in mind I wonder what the greenies are complaining about. Make your technology available or quit complaining about the energy we are using!How can the Environmentalists complain?It's not the environmentalists that are not making them available, the stores have to order them from the manufacture in order to have them in stock. Blame the right source.How can the Environmentalists complain?Green products is collapsing..and in billions of $.How can the Environmentalists complain?There are plenty online. And take it from me, i own an online e-commerce site, transactions online are 10 times safer than using card at retail outlets. And yes there is plenty of data to back that up, but I dont feel like looking up the links right now. For instance in any online transaction, I NEVER see the the full credit card number, or the 3 digit code on the back, because my credit card processor protects your info from me, the store owner. On the flip side, in a retail store not only myself, but any wing ding employee could have possible access to the credit card number.

Anyway, just buy what you need online and quit complaining. Its funny that you say that the %26quot;environmentalists%26quot; complain too much, when your entire post is one big complaint, because you are stuck int he stone age and refuse to do business online.How can the Environmentalists complain?That is so frustrating!

I think it will just take some time for the suppliers to realise there is a market out there for people wanting to install LED lighting with their existing fixtures.

Keep asking your local supplier %26quot;when are you getting them in?%26quot;

Good luck!
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