Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to change a Ceiling fixture without a wall switch?

Hello, I am trying to change a chandelier. The old one has a light on/off switch on the fixture itself. There are no wall switches that operate it. My new chandelier doesn't have a light switch. What should I do? I only have one white and one black cable available in the ceiling. I would hate adding any ugly pulls to my beautiful chandelier - are there any other options? Thanks in advance.How to change a Ceiling fixture without a wall switch?First off, all walls don't have fire stops. Borrow or buy a stud finder. (less than 10.00) Locate a stud and cut an opening in the wall the size of the switch box next to the stud. Go to the Attic and drill a 1 inch hole in the sill plate above this wall. Be sure you are centered on the sill so you don't drill a hole thru the wall. Fish the new wire in place and install the new switch box and switch. On the light fixture end, connect the black to the black of the new switch wire. The white of the new switch wire will go to the black of the new fixture. Now connect the white of the fixture to the white of the old wiring. Turn the breaker back on and then turn the light switch on. Pat yourself on the back for saving a pile of money.How to change a Ceiling fixture without a wall switch?You have two options:

First is to run new wiring to a new wall switch and up through the ceiling to the chandelier's junction box. You might be able to drill down through the fireblocks in the wall (horizontal 2x4s between the studs) and fish the wiring down to the switch location. Otherwise, you would have to cut out the drywall enough to expose the studs to run the new wiring.

Your second option is to swag a power cord that's threaded through a chain over to a corner of the room. You install hooks in the ceiling at regular intervals (4 or 5 feet) and hook the links of the chain such that the chain bows down about 2 feet between hooks. Then run the power cord - with a built-in rotary switch - down a corner of the room and along the baseboards to an outlet.
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