Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to change a 2 way electric light switch?

the wire colours are red and blackHow to change a 2 way electric light switch?If replacing like for like, simply connect the wires to the corresponding terminals in the new switch. If you don't know how, don't do it.How to change a 2 way electric light switch?Turn off the electric,remove switch [two screws] pull away switch if one switch,you will see three wires one at top two at bottom,check if switch is same,if ok remove one cable at a time and fit to new switch,thats all its is. or the single wire in top mark with some marker this is the most important cable and must go into top single side if switch,if its working the wrong way ie on up not down turn switch round and fit screws all the best John ukHow to change a 2 way electric light switch?Hopefully you have 3 wires in each switch!

First you have to find out which wire goes into the terminal marked Com (common) and make sure this goes into com on the new switches (One of these wires is the live feed and the one on the other switch goes to your light). It doesn't particularly matter which way round the other 2 %26quot;strapping%26quot; wires go into terminals marked L1 and L2 as all that it would do is change over the on-off position of the switch (can be interchanged if needed on multigang switches if you chose the wrong way)How to change a 2 way electric light switch?Do what Adrian says.How to change a 2 way electric light switch?It does not matter either way it will work if it is just 2 wires. No one calls them a 2 way switch, just a switch. Now if you have 3 colored wires follow the advice of the guy above as you have a 3 way switch. Only if it is a 3 or 4 way do you indicate that. And turn the power off before doing it and turn it on once the switch and plate have been installed.

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