Thursday, June 2, 2011

Changing a Light Fixture.?

I have learned how to install a new light fixture and it is pretty straightforward, even though I have a 40 year old home.

However in the hallway there is a light that is hookedup to a switch at either end of the hall. Before I attempt to change it, will the wiring be any different. I want to make sure that the light switches work at both end of the hall.

Thank you for any help you can tell me. I am a 66 year old woman who is on a really fixed budget and it is imperative I save as much money as possible by doing as much work as I can around this house. So am very appreciative of any help you can give me.Changing a Light Fixture.?First make sure that before you open the fixture that you'll have enough light to see the wires when the power goes off. (You Must turn the panel breaker off to do this job safely)

Second as you remove the old fixture you should see two wires wire-nutted to the lamp. also there may be a wire nut (extra) going somewhere else in the box.

Third: un-do only the wire nuts that are connected to the lamp- It is a good idea to draw a picture of the wires if there are more than 2 plastic coated + 1 copper..If you see more than the 2 plastic and 1 shiney copper; the other wires are for the switches.

Just make sure that any wires connected other than your two wires going to the lamp,stay the same way. (I'm talking about the plastic coated wires). If there is no shiney copper wire in the box Call an electrician, because the copper wire on your lamp needs to be connected to the shiney copper wire. That is for ground!! A very important safety feature!!!Changing a Light Fixture.?It's the same thing, I think. Just make sure you match color for colorChanging a Light Fixture.?You may find a few extra wires in the box at the ceiling, but you should only worry about the two that your existing light fixture are attached to. The job is the same, remove the two wires from the old fixture, attach the new wires from the new one and put it back together. Safer if you turn off the circuit breaker for the light circuit of course.Changing a Light Fixture.?Unless you need to change the switches also, it should be fairly simple.

When you remove the fixture, take note of how it is wired and rewire it accordingly.

Since there are several ways to wire a double- pole fixture, and because there can be a white wire that is used as a 'hot' in this situation, it's probably best to wire exactly as is is now.

Oh yeah, do not forget to turn the power off at the panel before you start working on it.

Good LuckChanging a Light Fixture.?The wiring will be the same,just make sure you turn off the power.Don't mess with any other wires in the box,just the ones to the fixture.Neutral white and hot will be black or red.Changing a Light Fixture.?Just pay attention as you diconnect the old one. reconnect the new one in the same fashion. You wont have any problems.Changing a Light Fixture.?in a house that old color coded wire probably are not there as far as the coating ,look at the wire color itself. ask a neighbor for help I usually go help my neighbors any chance I getChanging a Light Fixture.?Like everyone said you should only used the wires that connect directly to the old fixture. In the case you mixed up the wires. The switches are different than regular ones, they're called 3way switches. they have 3 connections, 2 are called travelers, and the black connection is called common. the 2 travelers are connected to eachother, that means the wires go from one switch straight to the other switch. the common from one switch go the light, and the other common from the other switch go to the source of power. the neutral wire doesn't go to the switches at all.

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