Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How would i make a switch for 3 lights?

Can you help. In class today we are asked to make a traffic light...but i need a switch. How would i make a switch to change the light each time i turn it off and on..or is there another way to do it. Let me know plz anything will help!How would i make a switch for 3 lights?you need a timer, as well as a sequencer, I think they are called, Because you need to program a sequence in. It also depends if it needs to be automated or you can run with switches

Im not sure about where you are, but in Aus, the traffice lights run





You also need to have them automated, because someone doesnt sit there with a light, and flick a switch.

You may be able to cheat and use 2 switches.

1 is a simple on/off switch,

1 is a on/off/on swith.

I would wire the amber light to the on/off switch

and wire red and green to the on/off/on switch

Complicated to type, but you could then make the correct sequence.

For instance.

Switch the switch forward to turn red light on.

Flick down to off, and again down to green

Flick to the middle to turn all lights off

Flick the amber light on

Flick the amber light off,

Flick the switch forward to turn red back onHow would i make a switch for 3 lights?hey liam

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