Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Changing switch/light configuration?

I have two lights that originally were controlled by a single switch. Since one of the lights is at the top of the staircase, I hired an electrician to add a second three-way switch. So now I have two three-way switches controlling the two lights.

Here is what I would like to accomplish: retain the three-way switch functionality for the stairway light, and put the other light on a separate switch (at the same location--I'd like a two-gang switch box with one three-way and the other single switch).

Obviously I should have had the electrician handle this, but I didn't think of it until later. I'm not certain how the wires are currently run, whether the power goes to the switch first or to the lights.

So I guess what I need to know is how to approach this--how to figure out the current wiring scheme, and what needs to be done in terms of re-wiring to get this to work the way I would like.Changing switch/light configuration?There are too many ways to wire a 3 way to even give you advice on this. Bite the bullet and hire an electrician. It's safer, and it shouldn't be too costly since it's a small job. If you know any electricians, they may be willing to do it on the side which will save you a bit. Hope this helps.

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